Mmmm Benco!

I am a Benco addict...and proud.  A French guy at work introduced us to Benco...and the entire office is now addicted.

So addicted in fact that one of the guys recently went on a Benco run to France.  Now going on a wine or beer run to France is pretty normal...if you live on the south coast of England. But we live over 600km from France, and this wasnt a wine run.  This was a Benco run. But as you cant buy Benco in the UK...what else could we do!

Benco is kind of like Nesquik, or Milo...or any other kind of chocolate milkshake powder you can buy.  But better! Soooooooooo much better.  And by better I pretty much just mean more addictive. Nom nom nom!

I wish I had been there to see the customs official's face as he inspected my friend's Mini full of Benco as he arrived back into England.  Priceless.


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