Bon Iver's new album...available now for your ears!

Bon Iver's new album "Bon Iver" is available now...and you can listen in full for Yay.  Listening time!

Its beautiful stuff.  And while there is no Skinny Love on here - which in a way is a shame - in another way I think thats a good thing.

I could praise Skinny Love and Bon Iver's earlier work for being written with the kind of passion and emotion that music is supposed to contain.  When music contains passion and emotion of that depth, it becomes so personalised that it can be almost impossible to relate to, impossible to understand.  But that's the way it should be, when you truly write from the heart nothing generic or universal can possibly come out.

So to praise Bon Iver for his individuality and honesty on one hand, then criticise for not producing the same thing time and time again, would be somewhat hypocritical of me.  Yes it is a new direction for him, but I think it honestly reflects his personal changes.  He is in a different place now, and so is his music.  

And it is beautiful.


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