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I seem to be very preoccupied with boundaries in relationships currently.  I have written before about how much I desire a love without limits, but this is a concept which goes so much further than the topic of fidelity I wrote about previously.

Having a love without limits is one thing, but what does it mean to actually practice loving without limits?

So many relationships and so much of our cultural repertoire is based around the idea of moulding, shaping and changing our partners to better fit our ideal image of how they should look, feel and behave. And if we can't or won't change them, we are told we must "compromise" or even accept our partner's "flaws".

And yet, what gives me the right to change someone else, even if I believe it is for the better?  Why does love have to be based on compromise, an endless reduction in the happiness of both parties?  Who am I to classify a person's personality traits as flaws simply because I do not like them?

Accepting someone as they are is one thing, but what does it actually mean to believe that you do not have to convince the right man to do the right thing?

Love should not be about limiting the other person.

Love should be an enabler.

Love should be about enabling them to be entirely themselves, the best, happiest and most comfortable version of themselves.  And not the best version of themselves as I see it, but as they themselves want to be.

Flaws?  There are no flaws, just another complete person to be loved as they are.  No limits.

Compromise?  There is no compromise if there is no change to be made, if the other person is allowed to simply be as they are.  No limits.

No limits.  Just love. 

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