Going backwards...or how to buy a campervan cooker

So I was all psyched up to write a super post about the shiny new cooker I had ordered for my van, why I chose it and what options there are.  But...then I realised that its actually been 2 weeks since I ordered it...and it hasnt arrived.  After a bit of a hunt around on Ebay I found that the seller I bought it from is no longer registered on Ebay.  I dont think this is a good sign.  But I have raised a Resolution Centre Case on Ebay and sent the seller a nice email after finding their email address via PayPal.  So we will see what happens.  Hopefully I will get my money back...although I really want my cooker! Sigh.

On to a slightly deflated cooker post.  One of the requirements to get the van recategorised as a motorhome (which is good because it makes tax and insurance cheaper) is having a permanently fixed in cooker.

Smev hob
I would have loved to get a proper caravan cooker that embeds into the top of the unit, because they look super smart and neat, the controls are on top, theres no rattling around, they are easier to fit and they are also way smaller than free-standing camping cookers.  The best ones out there seem to be Smev...check out these little babies!

 HOWEVER, these things are expensive!  Even second hand on Ebay they are almost £100, and the new ones are even worse!  So despite how perfectly sized they are, and how awesome they would look in my van, I decided I really couldnt justify spending £50 more on a second hand caravan cooker than I could spend on a brand new camping cooker.

Gelert Economy Double Burner
So after much search to find the smallest camping cooker I could find, I settled on this one from Gelert.  I am going to be using Camping Gaz with my cooker (the other options are butane or propane) - as this is apparently the only type of gas you can get with standard sized connectors across Europe (crazy huh!).  If the gas bottle doesnt have a connector which matches what you have fitted - you cant use it.  Pretty much every cooker is compatible with all types of gas, you just have to get the correct fitting pieces so that it will connect to the type of gas you want.

So in my usual search for a bargain, I searched around until I found the best price.  And I found it.  On Ebay.  Sigh.

I would say I had learnt a lesson - but to be honest I have never had any problems before with anything I have purchased on Ebay - so at the moment I am still pretty hopeful that either the money or the cooker will make its way back to me.

Its just frustrating not to have my cooker yet! Ah well...


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