Furniture fumblings

Me and my oh-so-useful friend (who owns all the useful tools and all the manly expertise that I lack) have been working on the van furniture these last few weeks.

We have just finished making templates of the furniture sides in scrap wood he had lying around.  Templates seemed like a good idea because the shape that is needed has a curved edge to cope with the weird wall shape that apparently VW think its funny to make vans with.  Cue lots of measuring and trimming and reshaping and swearing to get it right!

Cupboard with curved walls!
Anyway we made them fit in the end so it should all be downhill from here.  Next step is to decide where I want any shelves and partitions inside the units, then choose the colour I want to paint them (now that sounds like my kind of job!).  As the floor is black and the walls are carpeted in grey where you cant see the blue van metal I think Im probably going to go for a light green or blue.  Then its just a matter of cutting the plywood (think Im going for 9mm) to the right shape and then fixing it all together! Sorted.  

We are planning to do some neat little shelves on the outside of the units at the rear of the van because otherwise there would be quite a bit of unused space back there as you cant extend the units all the way to the doors.  Sneaking in extra storage like this will make a big difference!

Kitchen unit

Looking forward to posting pictures of the finished units!


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