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Sally's opinion on working out
I am proud of my workout routine.  It has taken me almost 3 years to build myself up to this level of commitment, but now Im at the point where I actually want to exercise.

This is my weekly exercise regime - 

  • 50 minutes swimming (breaststroke of course...dont like to get my hair wet!)
  • At least 5 hours walking Sally (for the record my dog gets way more exercise than this per week - mum has her when Im at work)
  • 700 stomach crunches (more if Im feeling energetic!)
  • 1.5 hours yoga
  • 1 hour weights (I use 1.5kg arm weights...Im no bodybuilder!)
And yeah I am proud of this.  It makes me feel good, and I am definitely the strongest and most flexible I have ever been.  I recommend increasing the amount of exercise you do to anyone, it is incredibly good for you and helps to counteract the negative effects of our modern lifestyles.  Research even shows that it can be as good a cure for depression as taking antidepressants.
I also watch what I eat, lots of fruit & veggies, lots of fish and lean meat, minimal carbs.  I drink loads of water and herbal teas, and hardly any alcohol (I know...boring right!).  I weigh less than 120 lbs...and yet....and body still doesnt look like the girls on tv!

I remember once in my mid teens when I was hanging out at my local outdoor pool where I used to volunteer in the shop.  It was a sunny day but the pool was empty as usual, and the lifeguard and I were sat outside sunbathing in our bikinis.  I can clearly remember comparing her stomach to mine and thinking to myself how lucky I was to have my teenage flat stomach stretched tight like a drumskin...and wondering why anyone would let their bodies change.  She wasnt fat at all...just human.  Her stomach looked like soft dough, not like the taut flat airbrushed photo-perfect image we are encultured into believing is normal.

And you know what, despite my 700 crunches a week - neither does mine.  And I think 700 crunches is a lot! What kind of fanatical dedication would it take to reach the standards that we are told to believe is "normal"? What kind of world do we live in - which teaches us to look upon religious, educational, sporting, political and most other kinds of fanaticism at best as an achievement for the minority and more often as something dangerous to be discouraged at any cost.  Fanaticism is not a concept we associate with normality.  But when it comes to physical beauty, nothing short of fanaticism is required just to be considered normal! What! Why! Thats crazy.  Yes its crazy and illogical, but its worse than that.  It is psychologically and physically damaging to our children, to our women, to ourselves.

Its one of my pet hates against Western culture.  I have vowed many a time that if I ever have a daughter, I refuse to bring her up in a culture that assesses her value based primarily on her youth and her appearance.

Rant over, time to go do some more stomach crunches.  Aah sweet hypocrisy.


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