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My blog has now moved over to www.annastravels.com - so why not head on over there to find out what I am up to right now? There is even a nice new "About" page where you can see my new (gigantic) puppy!

Still want to keep going and read an out of date "About" page? Ok then...

I am Anna and I'm currently doing an undergraduate Psychology degree while working full time as a mobile phone software tester...which obviously makes me a very busy girl! However, my current lifestyle has taught me that I have no interest in the traditional 9-5 lifestyle that we are supposed to want. I know it will never satisfy me, and I believe that this life is far too short to spend doing things that you dont value.  

This is Sally dog
I am driven by a huge desire to see, learn and experience in the hope of becoming a better person.  So in 2012 when I finish my degree, my dog Sally and I will be setting off on our travels in our self-converted campervan to see as much of the incredible gift that is our Earth as we can.  

And this is our (as yet un-named) van!

This is the story of our journey, our van conversion and our life.  Enjoy.

If you want to ask me anything or just get in touch, feel free to drop me a line at annapearce5683@gmail.com

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