The dog, the girl and the wardrobe

Welcome to my wardrobe! (and yes I am devoting a post to a wardrobe...but you know what...I am super excited about my wardrobe)

I have built up the bottom of my wardrobe so there will be a 30 cm gap between the bottom of the sliding doors and the floor.  It has to have sliding doors because there isnt enough room to have ones that open outwards...eek!  

So the advantage of having doors that dont come down to the floor is that this way I can just stick stuff down in the bottom section there without having to worry about it being secured when Im driving...because it cant fall out when I open the doors.  Awesome! That big old grey boxy thing is the cover of the wheel arch - Im losing so much space to those things but it cant be helped.  Its still better than the really old (and super cute) VWs where the engine is in the rear of the van...imagine how much space you lose then!

Then I am going to have 3 of these brilliant little things inside the wardrobe...

These are great because they are made of fabric so super light compared to shelves, they are also nice and cheap (£7 each from Argos).  Each pocket will fit to the shape of the things inside it a bit and there will be no space wasted between them like there would be with plastic boxes.  Also the pockets will dip down when they are filled so the stuff inside wont slide around.  Stopping things sliding is a totally new consideration when you are planning a van - when you drive, if it can move then it will.  And the last thing you want is stuff breaking or falling out all over the place.

The storage pockets will go onto a rail and then be attached to the back wall to stop them swinging around...something like this...

To make the sliding doors I have ordered some runners for the kind of sliding glass doors you get on terrariums (is that the right word...I mean houses for snakes, lizards and the like).  Into this 3 pieces of 6mm ply will be slotted with finger holes to move them.  There has to be 3 because if there was only 2 it would not be easy to access the central hanging pocket unit.

And that, dear readers, is my wardrobe.  I suspect the world may not share my wardrobe-based excitement!

On the subject of readers, for some unknown reason my site traffic has increased by about 10x in the last couple of weeks.  This is pretty unexpected, Im really only training myself up for writing when I start to travel so I havent even given the link to any of my family and friends yet.  But its awesome, hi guys! I hope you are getting something out of what I write, I'd love to hear from you. Big love.


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