Electrickery and other confusions

I have been doing lots of internet research and talking to lots of far more knowledgeable people about how best to get some electrics into my van...and I have gone from Plan A of the leisure battery few what feels like an infinite number of Plan B's to the current plan which I am actually (amazing I know) implementing.

I gave up on the leisure battery idea for 2 reasons.  One - I dont think its safe or even possible for me to do on my own.  I came to that conclusion when I asked a friend who is obsessed with tinkering with his (giant house-sized) motorcaravan if he would like to help...and he responded with "That's the one thing I cant do".  Not a good sign.  Then I went to a local garage who specialises in VW conversions to get their opinion...and their response was "We get an electrician in to do that".  Right.  I really dont have a death wish so I then started to investigate the first of the many Plan B's.

And that's when I came to the conclusion which is the second reason why Im not installing a leisure battery...I just do not need one.  Im not installing a fridge, air con, heating, a tv, a water pump, a shower...I dont even intend to use my laptop in the van except in emergencies.  All I want is a light, and a power socket would be great so I can charge my phone and camera.

Now the van already has 2 lights installed in the back, so my friend suggested that I should switch the bulbs to LED.  I will (hopefully) have enough light for the van, and they make such a small drain on the battery that I should be able to use them whenever I like without flattening it.  So I have bought some of these - this was the cheapest site I could find.

And for the power supply - well I have bought a hookup cable with plug sockets on the end of it...like this.  You can then get a continental and a UK adaptor - which means I will have power anywhere that I can access a 240v hookup, or a power socket.  Awesome.  And if I get car chargers for my stuff, then when I am on the road I can also charge things.  And for any cases when neither of those solutions is adequate, Ill just have to go and find somewhere that I can sit and charge my things.  I dont want to be sitting around like a loner in my van for hours waiting for stuff to charge anyway.

If it does get too annoying not having a permanent power source, I can always get a 12V power pack to charge off the cigarette lighter which I can then connect to an extension lead to charge stuff.  They are pretty expensive though so I think that might be a addition once Im on the road and can get a feel for whether it is really worth it.

So that's where I'm at currently.  I have also managed to detach the passenger seat ready to take its swivel - just need to decide which one to buy and get it ordered.  The bed is being collected on Friday and will hopefully arrive a week on Tuesday.  So yeah...I am making progress!


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