Van progress update...

So its been a while since I did a van post - so in the effort of preserving my progress for future reference and accountability and all that here is one.

I am still working on finding somewhere to store my van which kind of sucks.  But...I have not exhausted all possibilities yet so I am still very hopeful that I will find somewhere really great.

I have done some furniture board research.  Turns out it will be barely any more expensive to get either new caravan furniture board or 2nd hand units than it would be to get untreated plywood.  So to save myself hours and hours of treating wood just to get a really rubbish finish I am definitely going for the proper furniture board.  Breaker's yards like this seem to be the best places.  Once I have the van and the measurements of what I want I will go visit some.

I have settled on getting a LHD from Germany (because there are lots there and they have easyish sales sites and my German is tolerable).  The German Ebay and seem to be the best sites to look.  I havent found a van yet - but I have booked the time off work in April to go and collect it so now I have a deadline to work to.  I find I work a lot more purposefully when I have a deadline.

I intend to get the van inspected before I buy it (like the AA inspections you get in the UK).  The best German companies to do this seem to be ADAC and TUV.  I need to find a bit more out about what documents and stuff need to come with a van from Germany.  I also need to do some insurance research.

My other next steps include finding out about the UK MOT requirements so I can get any necessary work done on the van before I collect it.  I am going to drive it home, and really I should take it straight for an MOT as soon as I get it into the UK - which I then really need it to pass so I can then go home.

And the main task is to actually find the van!  Ideally I would like to get a deposit paid on one by early March at the latest so that I can get a nice cheap flight over.  Let the search commence!


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