8tracks.com...ear food!

I am one of those people who like to listen to music while they work, but hate my listening to be interrupted by advertising or DJs inanely babbling (so can tolerate very few radio stations), and also easily tire of listening to the same music (so downloading/buying music is a bit pointless).

Recently I stumbled across 8tracks, and my ears feel as if they have come home.

Any genre/mood/activity catered for? Check.  Total lack of advertising/chatter? Of course.  Super easy to entirely avoid any track I have ever heard before?  You bet.  And they also have an Android and an iPhone app (not that I have either of these...but if I did I would definitely be downloading it!)

And it even looks pretty and is nice to use.

Nice work 8tracks.  I like you.



Hi Anna, thanks for the kind words. Glad you're liking the new app!

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