Am I ready?

Recently a terrifying feeling of unpreparedness for my upcoming (2 months away!) travels has been seeping through my consciousness and filling me with self-doubt and mistrust.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I wrote a to-do list which turned to be 2 A4 pages long and counting...

Maybe it is because all my recent eBay van purchases seem to gone missing or been entirely different to what was advertised...

Maybe it is because it turns out that getting motorhome insurance for EU travel in a imported, left hand drive, self build conversion for an under-25 driver is actually, it would seem, impossible...

Maybe it is because everything I do seems to have hidden costs and unforseen complications...

Either way I seem to need a little lift each day just to get me through.  This was today's.

"‘Feeling ready’ is a fantasy. The process will always be confusing and uncertain. It’s normal and unavoidable.

...Self-doubt is a constant friend to the creative soul.
...Storytelling is intuitive. It comes from within us. Everything you need to learn will come from the voice within. Listen to it. Allow it to guide you. Begin."
And so, again, I begin.


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