Who broke your heart?

An old friend of mine once asked me..."Who broke your heart?"  I was too ashamed to answer him honestly, so I lied and said someone's name.  This is one of the few lies I have ever told this person, and I instantly regretted it.  But I couldnt bring myself to voice the truth.

So this is an attempt to make amends for my lie.  This is my theory on broken hearts.

To live fully is to give your hearts to others.  Some of them will deserve it, some of them wont, it really doesnt matter.  These people have the power to cherish, nurture and breathe life into our hearts.  They also have the power to neglect, crush and trample our hearts.

But no-one on this earth has the power to break our hearts.  No-one except ourselves.  Others may have the power to throw the punches, but ultimately it is our own duty to determine what our hearts are made of.

So my answer to the question "Who broke your heart?" should only ever have been "I did."

In accepting responsibility, maybe it will help my heart to transform into a more unbreakable material.


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