Why Im disappointed in mobile.de

mobile.de is great.  Its really great.  It is super easy to find what you want, they put it all in English and it is crystal clear even for idiots like me...



The dealers on there do not, will not or CANNOT answer emails.  Not one.  Nothing.  

It is literally a total waste of time emailing them.  I must have tried at least 10 different dealers - and not a word in return.  With every length of email and German-English combo you could think of.  Now to me this seems crazy - why advertise online if you arent going to reply to the emails of prospective buyers.  I dont care how much Spam you get through the system - you still answer your customers.  Alternatively, why go to all the effort of providing such a great site if you are going to provide an email facility that doesnt even work! WHY!

So its on to Plan B - Im going to have to call them.  With my limited German and my awkward working hours - this is obviously far from ideal.  Sigh.  Big sigh.  

I should know by now that nothing in this life ever comes easy.  Rant over.  You are now warned.  Great site, just dont use the email system.  Hopefully the phone numbers it provides will be genuine!


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