How do you spend your time?

I believe that time is quite literally the most precious thing we have.  And yet we waste so much of it.  I waste so much of it.

This is how I spend my week...

40h at work - I see this as time wasted as I am investing time in things I perceive to be valueless.
55h asleep - awesome.  I love sleeping.
4h - commuting.  Time wasted.
3.5h - working out.  Time well spent - looking after your physical wellbeing is contibutory to happiness.
3h - agility training with Sally.  Time well spent - she loves it and I love her
5h - housework.  Vital tasks so I dont mind it.
5h - walking Sally.  As above.
3h - getting ready to go out to work etc.  I really dont spend long over getting ready so Im ok with this.
10h - watching TV.  Technically time wasted does keep me calm.
15h - studying.  Given my current life plan this is essentially time wasted.
3h - having meals with my Mum. Time invested in family is precious.
2h - church.  Spending time with God is the most worthy investment of time in my eyes.
3h - showering.  Clean is good.

So that leaves 16.5 hours unaccounted for  I guess most of that is spent eating...or on other timewasting crap.

So.  Of the 168 hours in a week, I believe I am spending around hours on activities that I see as a valid investment of time.

Now I dont feel like checking my Maths, but I am clearly spending only half my week on tasks that I can actually justify doing.  And if I was to exclude the time I spend sleeping from that figure then that is pretty damn depressing.  

So...why dont I fix it right now!  Well, I have no justifiable answer for that, beyond that sometimes you have to play off the risk of futureproofing your life against the possibility that that future may not actually exist for you.  But I dont even see that as a justifiable reason - because from that angle I could argue that I should work 70h a week till Im 80 because by then they will have discovered the secret to immortality so I need to set up a financially viable situation for that.  And we can all see that a plan like that is utterly ridiculous!  So I have no excuse.  I am wasting my life because I voluntarily tied myself down to things I never wanted.  Lesson learnt hopefully, but for now, yes, I am literally wasting my life.

But...once I finish my degree and leave this place  I will get those figures sorted out.  One day I will do another post to prove it.


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