Vehicle inspection...check!

Ok the vehicle inspection has now been done (though I still have no idea what it has cost...or what they tested really)

But whatever the price or thoroughness of the check - it was the best I could find.  And it has been really valuable - as I now know the windscreen is badly cracked and the exhaust blows.  None of which are massive deals, but they do need to be fixed.

So...if I can persuade the dealer to fix them before I pay for the van - then I think Im going to go for it.  Eeek.  Scary stuff.  And I also need to get my contact details over to him successfully (which I have utterly failed to do for the last few weeks as it is surreally difficult to spell things in German).

I have finally caved to the utter monster that is the language barrier though, and asked someone much more fluent in german than I am to ring the guy to try and talk through these last details with. I am just as pleased that I know someone who speaks German better than me as I am about finding the van.  Although I am insanely stubborn and independent, I am not one of those people who refuses to ask for help when they need it.  If someone can do something better than me - then that's awesome.  

And in this case, it means I can be certain that I am going to turn up and be faced with something I have actually agreed to, rather than a smashed up windscreen and a very confused dealer.

Ohhhh its getting so close to being real.  I love the fear.



How exciting! Sometimes the inspection is incredibly distressing :p In the NYC area, going to motor vehicles is like going to the dentist to get a root canal = Painful!!

You should check out my latest post. It's about a car. I can't really explain; you have just got to see it:

Oh, and how can I follow you? I was hoping I could :)


@Señorita - I would love it if you followed me! Its always an honour :)

There should (I hope...Im not so great on the html editing) be a "follow with Google Friend Connect" & a RSS feed widget in the top right. If they are broken just let me know and I will *try* and fix them!

Also - when I view blogspot blogs and Im signed in...a little bar appears at the top with a Follow button on it...but maybe thats something to do with my gmail settings - I really dont know :S

Hope that answers your question!

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