The Master Plan

So to set the scene for all this... here is an explanation of my master plan.  I will be finishing my Open University undergraduate Psychology degree in October 2012 (which right now seems as far away as the end of time).  Between now and then I need to buy (and most likely do up given my limited budget) a motorcaravan.  I have chosen a motorcaravan as my transport because...I am going to be taking my dog.  And a motorcaravan seems to be the least impractical means of achieving this highly impractical goal!

I hope to be hitting the road soon after I finish my degree - probably right after Christmas 2012.  And the plan is...well Im not quite sure yet! The rough idea will be to stay in Europe to start off with - as to get out of Europe you either have to go through some very hot (and Sally doesnt do hot) or very dangerous (and Id rather work up to very dangerous a little slowly) places.  As we will be in super expensive Europe I will therefore need to work to avoid running out of money very quickly, so the plan is to do some kind of voluntary work for a couple of years.  I have been checking out Workaway (awesome) and Se7en (pretty good) for stuff to do.  Im liking the sound of eco projects in Portugal right now.  As Im going to be going away in winter I need to start off in southern I am a lizard-like person who cannot stand the cold!  Any suggestions on any other cool sites for free or low cost voluntary work would be greatly appreciated!

Given that when I leave Sally will be 11 - I reckon I will have a few years to spend around Europe moving from project to project, sightseeing etc etc.  I guess my main aim to start with is just to switch off from my current manic 100mph life in which I have a to-do list thats longer than me and strip it all back to basics.  Im hoping this gear change will get me realigned with my faith and open my mind up to understand what exactly I am supposed to be doing in this life...or something like that anyway!

And then once my best furry friend is no longer with me and therefore there is no-one left to determine where I go or what I do...who knows. I'll figure that one out when I get there I guess.

But right now I am stuck in this manic cycle of commitments, yearning for the horizon to just swallow me up.  But thats the master plan as it stands anyway...

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