On Orchids And Achievements

I have always wanted an orchid.  So on seeing a half price mangy looking flowerless one a few months ago I decided to buy it.  Despite containing half a small jungle in my house since the age of about 11 I have always been wary of buying an orchid as I thought it would be too difficult to look after.

My fears were increased when the super-exciting first buds that appeared on my orchid went brown and fell off within a few days of appearing on the plant.  This was probably not helped by the fact that I dropped the plant... 

But finally, I have a flower!!! It is almost fully open so I think I can successfully count it as my first ever orchid flower. I am unexpectedly proud of myself over this - even though technically I dont think I really did very much to help it flower! If anything I probably hindered it from flowering... 

My unexpected attachment to the orchid's flower has got me thinking about the nature of achievements, and how incredibly subjective they are.  For most people, a single semi-open orchid flower wouldnt even register on the achievement radar...but for me it is a far greater achievement than the Distinction I got in my last exam. 

The subjectivity of achievement is important because it shows you what drives people, what motivates them, whats important to them.  So my whole orchid flowers-over-exam results achievements hierachy neatly sums up exactly why I am rejecting all the life choices that I am expected to make, why I desire to experience the unknown above all other things and why almost all the people I know look at me like Im slightly insane whenever I explain my Master Plan to them.

4 days till exam. 5 days till Turkey. Revision...minimal.  Packing...nonexistent.


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