On Turkish Travels and Time

I am glad to get out of Istanbul.  It is a great city, but it requires more energy than I can muster right now.  I have successfully managed to save myself 2 days and 2 nights accommodation expense by night bus-sing it to Ephesus and Goreme - which coincidentally are both incredible places which should be on anybody's Must See list.

But this retrieved time has given me more space to think than perhaps I would like.  I believe that too much education is not good for your wellbeing...it is indeed possible to know too much.  Like with my Psychology degree - the more I learn the more I despair in the Psychology profession and in humanity itself.  So logically - does that mean the more I travel and "learn" about the world, the more restless and unsatisfied I will become?  When education is new it is good.  But not any more.  Will it be the same with travel?  Once it gets old will it just be an unstoppable path of unnecessary damage to my psyche? Is it in fact simplification of life which is needed in order to become contented?  This thought has serious implications for the Master Plan.

What prompted this introspection? For one, this is the first time this year I have had any space to actually stop and think about such things.  And I have some fairly major life events and imminent decisions to process.  Two, I am reading The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner - and such thoughts are a natural outcome of this excellent read.  I am serious about attaining happiness, and I am becoming concerned that it is something I should be considering a lot more in my daily life.

And what is the answer? I have no idea.  But given I have no other ideas - Im going to continue onwards in search of new dreams and hope that I am wrong! Tomorrow is hiking day around Goreme...sounds good to me!


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