Merhaba Istanbul

So I made it to Istanbul.  Journey from the airport went well - though I wish I knew more Turkish.  Thats kind of a recurring theme through all my experiences so far - but saying it once will do.  So far I have made it to most of the tourist traps of Sultanahmet, but as they really are worth the visit I dont think there is any shame in that!  Hopefully will make it out of Sultanahmet to Beyoglu tomorrow.

I am staying in Istanbul Hostel - its everything you need and has great breakfast as well as a great location.  Only downside is its very quiet - which is obviously as its out of season.  But that means there arent many people around for me to talk to,

After 2 very stressful visits to the Serkeci and Otogar - bus and train stations - I think/hope I have obtained valid information about how to get to Selcuk.  So the next stop will be Ephesus on Tuesday...hopefully.

Favourite experience so far - that has got to be the feeling of my Vibram Five Fingers shoes bending around the curves of the worn marble steps of the Harem in Topkapi Palace.  That and the feeling of utter calm I got when I entered the very first stop on my visit - the Basilica CIstern.  This feeling reminded me just how much I enjoy travelling, and just how much good it does me.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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