Adventure Is Imminent

Next Thursday (1 day after my huge and horrible exam) I am off on an adventure! As this is my first holiday in 18 months and my first "adventure" in 3 years I am super excited.

I am going to Turkey on my own for 2 weeks and then my Mum is joining me for a week in Athens.  In Turkey I will be going to Istanbul, which looks like an incredible city that I think I am really going to love; Ephesus, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World; and Goreme in the Cappadocia region that looks unbelievably pretty.  Given that its rained constantly for the last 2 weeks in Turkey Im thinking I might be going to get a little wet, but I dont care! I am already dreading coming home though, this 9-5 lifestyle grates on my soul like you would not believe. 

But beyond the...

"Unicorns and cannonballs
Palaces and Piers
Trumpets, towers, and tenaments
Wide oceans full of tears
Flags, rags, ferryboats
Scimitars and scarves
Every precious dream and vision
Underneath the stars"

...And general joys of exploration, this adventure does have a more serious purpose.  I have recently lost the promise of a travelling partner in my future escapes, and I think it would be fair to say that this has knocked my confidence a little.  So this trip is as much about proving to myself that I can do this on my own as it is about anything else.

I am going to be hostelling and intend to only take a 35l rucksack with me (which looks TINY) - so there will be updates on how it all goes.  This is a pic of the "silly shoes" aka Vibram Five Fingers I have bought especially for this trip. 

I have been mocked mercilessly for these at work - but I love them. They are super comfy and so much easier to wear than trainers. I also hope that they will provide a nice icebreaker! I am slightly doubtful about how they will do in wet weather....but time will tell!

Not sure how much internet time I will get while Im away - but I will try and get at least a couple of posts done.  Or at least write them to post when I get back.  I am going to try and stick to a 2 posts per week rule...lets see how long that lasts!


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