This is a project which means an awful lot to me...Fisch - Future for Iringa Street Children. 

For one I firmly believe that when we should not live in a world where we can justify sending some children to private schools and provide healthcare for some children which verges on the miraculous while there are still children who die through lack of the most basic education and healthcare.  This project is a small step towards rectifying that imbalance.  

For two the project is based in Iringa, Tanzania.  This is a town which I have visited and is very special to me.  I can still almost smell the sweet scent of the frangipani, taste the warm juicy guavas and feel the glow of the colourful african sun as if I was still there.  This is a picture of the view from Iringa.  Totally gorgeous as you can see.

And finally, and most importantly, Fisch was set up by my beautiful friend Lissie and her husband Rich.  I have a lot in my life to thank Lissie for and I love her dearly.

Its a great project and it relies entirely on donations to keep providing these children with the love, care and support they so desperately need to enable them to get back into society and claim a future filled with hope.


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