Accountability...mumble grumble grr

Today is the last day of my 11 day break from work, and as I am feeling all moral and accountable I think I should share my holiday target progress.  The targets I previously stated were...

  1. Get the bed I have ordered - FAIL.  Hadnt really considered the mass of bank holidays we have just had and the lack of courier service opening days.  BUT...I am going to arrange for it to be picked up on Friday so this is not a genuine setback.
  2. Get the plywood panels to make the furniture - FAIL.  BUT...I have done something better - I have almost finished taking the very complicated measurements and making templates for all the various curved shapes I will need to make my furniture.  Really there is no point in buying the panels until I have the templates anyway, and I have done some research into the various panel options available.
  3. Fit the electrics for the leisure battery, lighting and plugs - ACHIEVED.  This has been achieved mainly because I changed plan, I am using the existing lighting and just switching to LED bulbs.  I am using a hookup with plug sockets which I have ordered and which has arrived (and is very heavy).
So yeh Im happy with that.  1 fail which really doesnt matter, 1 success and 1 poorly defined target which I have actually surpassed without actually meeting the goal.  Note to self...must set more appropriate targets!

Not so happy about going back to work tomorrow though, it has actually been nice weather in England these past 11 days so I have spent most of the holiday sunbathing.  I dont want to go back into the dark prison of office life.  Sigh.  One day...


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