Anna the electrician?

So... I am about to have 11 days holiday from work, these are my van targets for that time...

  1. Get the bed I have ordered
  2. Get the plywood panels to make the furniture
  3. Fit the electrics for the leisure battery, lighting and plugs
Now 1 & 2 seem achievable - I can find things, I can buy things, and I can go pick up things.  But electrics! ELECTRICS! That terrifies me.  I can change a light bulb...but yeh thats pretty much the limit of my electrical knowledge.  Im scared I wont be able to do it, I hate failing.  Im scared I will electrocute myself and blow up the van, that would be bad.  

Im scared that Im not ready to take on the challenge.  But in reality, when would I ever be ready!  Kelly Diels at Cleavage puts it much better than I could...

"Ready is the wrong litmus test.

You only need to be willing.

And “I don’t want to” and “I’m not willing” are legitimate. “I’m not ready” is bullshit and a waiting game."

And willing is what I am.  I want this project to work. Time for some serious internet research I think...progress update to follow soon!


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