Old-fashioned bleeding-hearts

I have been avoiding writing this week because I didnt want to write about Bin Laden's death, but all week I havent been able to think of anything which is more worthy of comment.

I love Lindsay Mead's take on recent events at A Design So Vast .  Some things are best expressed through the eyes of a child.

England is consumed by Spring.  Plants and flowers are bursting into the freshest, brightest shades of colour imaginable.  I adore the old-fashioned bleeding-hearts that grow in my grandma's garden in the springtime.  Lambs skip and grow fat on the lush grass.  Swallows dart through the cool hazy spring sunshine.

Our world is a world of contrasts.  It is easy to lose the beauty of a spring day amongst the gravity of world events.  And it is even easier to lose our sense of responsibility and connection on a global scale amongst the minutae of everyday life.

This world confuses, amazes, hurts and inspires me. And always the world keeps turning, whether we are on board or not.


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