Sleepy Saturday

"Is it time to go yet Mum?"

" which one is the battery...?"
Today I finished preparing the van for storage.  It is now washed and waxed, all the door hinges are oiled and all the window and door seals have been lubricated.  I have disconnected the battery (with great difficulty finding the thing!) and I am going to be drip charging it.  The windows are slightly open and I removed the wiper blades and wrapped the wiper arms.  The handbrake is off and the wheels are bricked - I havent decided yet if I want to put it on blocks.  All the fluids are topped up and I have increased the antifreeze percentage.  The van is sitting on a plastic sheet with carpet on - at the moment there is a leak somewhere in the barn roof so I need to sort that out so there are no more puddles under the van!

I have taken measurements of the interior so now the next task is to draw up some this space!






Thanks! Im super excited by the project and literally cannot stop trying to design and plan for the conversion at the moment. Cant wait to get some time off work so I can get started!

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