So I have had an idea for my next sewing project for the van...a car seat tidy.  I saw one in a shop the other day - and was like "Yes! That's what I need for the van!"  But the ones you can buy tend to be much smaller than what I could have (and I do not want to waste any potential storage space!) and the pockets often dont look that great a size.  They are made for nice little things like sunglasses, whereas I want nice big pockets I can stuff with things. 

I am planning on doing 2 different sized ones.  On the driver's side, the organiser can come right down to the floor as the seat will not be swivelling.  As this will be right next to the bed, this can basically act as a bedside cabinet (yay for having normal-people furniture!).  Then the one on the passenger side will be shorter in length, as this seat will be swivelling.  I can't decide whether to make pretty patchwork pockets or just stick to plain ones.  I guess I'll see what Mum's fabric cupboard has to offer!

Unfortunately this project is going to have to wait a while, as Im currently on lockdown in revision mode.  Exams are the bane of my existence.

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