Safe in my Father's hands

Im not one of those people who seem to just pray for things and immediately get them.  I know people like that - and their faith inspires me.  One of my friends has a million and one stories of how God has provided for her...her car breaks down, she prays for a new one, someone instantly turns up to give her one.  She needs money for flights for a mission trip, she prays about it, someone comes up to her out of the blue and offers her the exact amount she needed for that ticket.  Well its never been like that for me.  I always wondered why, now I think Im starting to see.

You see, Im also not the kind of person who believes I deserve anything I havent worked for.  Yet if I worked for it, I can accept that thing and use it as productively as possible.  So when I was considering buying a van which cost double what I was originally intending to pay, I prayed about whether I was doing the right thing.  And no miracle benefactor appeared, no-one turned round and offered me the money.  And even if they had, I probably wouldnt have accepted it.  But I stepped out in faith, and I bought it because I believe that this is God's plan for me and my finances are safe in his hands.

And 4 days later, I get a pay rise at work that will have covered the cost of the van by the time I leave.  And because I know I have worked for that money, I feel ok about putting it towards my master plan.

We are all safe in His hands, even if we dont know it until after we have taken the risk.


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