Mmmm its eclipse time...

I saw the lunar eclipse today.  It was very cool.  The moon looked spherical instead of flat like usual.  Almost as if you could reach out and touch it.  Its funny how you get so used to seeing things in an entirely different dimension to how they really are.  I suspect a lot of things in life are just waiting for you to see them in their true dimension.  There is a definite magic in seeing the ordinary in a new and extraordinary way.

Anyway, the lunar eclipse reminded me of the last time I saw an eclipse.  It was the solar eclipse in 1999, I was 11.  My mum, grandparents, Aunt Jane and I all went down to Cornwall and stayed in a big static caravan up the top of a big hill.  The eclipse was amazing, and I saw the Red Arrows for the first time as well.  I remember wearing those ridiculous glasses things and being not allowed to look at the eclipse for too long.  I thought it was kind of silly that we had come all the way to see something that I wasnt even allowed to look at properly.  I remember long hot summer days, ice creams, and paddling in the freezing English sea.

Some days I miss being a kid, when the only responsibility you had was not to scorch your eyes out by gazing at the sun for too long :)


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