Field Report!

I made it (eventually) through snowy England to visit the van on Sunday - it was definitely worth the trip as I am now super inspired!  I have made a few modifications to my design plans based on my visit, and got a few good ideas like having various holes to put the table leg into so you can change its position depending on what you want to use it for.  I am also feeling a lot better about the whole sleeping in the roof idea - that thing is spacious!

So this is my rough draft of my design.  Obviously its not to scale and massively open to influence from the positioning of doors and windows (none of which I will be changing).  I know its a little unorthodox in that I have the kitchen bit at the back - and there may be a good reason why the kitchen is usually in the middle which Im not aware of yet!  But I want to get a seat in sideways if at all possible - and it will feel way more cramped if its opposite the full height cupboards.

Ill probably change all this once I have the van and can measure up etc, but I just wanted to get some ideas down so I dont forget.

I have ordered a vehicle import information pack from the DVLA.  None of the vehicle import companies I have emailed seem keen on answering me, so it looks like I will have to do it myself!  Its a scary thought if Im honest.  As is trying to find decent websites to source European vans from!  The German ebay is the best I have found so far.  Although I would ideally like to buy from Southern Europe so there are less rust issues etc.  Maybe Im just too picky.  Either way, the search continues!


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