This week I have been learning a lot... I have learnt the various things I will need to do to my van to store it while tryingto avoid letting it end up like the bus I went on in Tanzania in the picture.  This is my list:

put something in to soak up moisture
open windows a little
HVAC system off
warm up right before storage
oil change (right before)
filter change
antifreeze change
power steering fluid change
transmission fluid change
brake fluid change
remove battery
fill with fresh fuel
add fuel preservative
tyres at right pressures
lift at outermoist points of suspension
insulate garage floor
add antifreeze to cooling system
coat engine metal with lubricant
lubricate distributor contact points
wash and wax
Remove wiper blades and wrap wiper arms
Oil spark plug cylinders
Spark plug antiseize lubricant
handbrake off
lube hoses with rubber protectant
drain radiator
detach radiator hoses

I also learnt that even if I want to take the van straight off the road when I get it, I still have to complete the full import process first which kinda sucks.  But in a way it is also good as I means that I can drive the van to get the roof done which will save money.  I also get the peace of mind that it can actually pass an MOT!

I discovered that it is not really much difference in price to get some second hand properly finished furniture board compared to regular unfinished plywood - so that will save me many hours of sanding and varnishing.

And finally I discovered that my van will not fit through the door of the garage.  This is a pretty annoying setback - but I am not giving up on keeping it indoors.  This weekend I will be visiting the local farms to see whether any of them would be kind enough to give me some suitable barn space to put the van in.  I would ideally like to keep it as local as possible so that it is easy for me to work on - but even more important than that is to get a suitable environment for storing it in.

My next set of coursebooks came today.  Its like opening the door to find a letterbomb on the doormat.  Ugh.


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