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One of my ongoing preparation tasks for my future travels is improving my Spanish language skills.  I did an evening class in conversational Spanish for a year while I was in 6th Form, but am far from fluent so decided further improvements were needed.  I would love to become fluent in another language and intend to really try and improve while I am travelling in Spain, but I figured a head start before I go was probably a good idea!

Here is a collection of the resources I have used or hope to use in future, I find doing the widest range of activities possible helps to keep me motivated.


BBC resources are by far the best ones I have found...and best of all they even give you a downloadable certificate when you complete the course.  Yay reward time!  The majority of this stuff is holiday orientated of course, but it's a great place to start.


The BBC also has more advanced learning resources in the form of school revision materials.  And there are a few non-BBC websites out there as well, although the quality of the resources seems a lot poorer I think the actual learning material is just as good

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