Going biphasic - Week One

Day Three

Starting to get tired now.  Still haven't actually managed to get to sleep during any of my naps.  I'm hoping that once I reach a certain level of tiredness this will start to happen!

Night time sleep now cut down to 6.5 hours with natural waking.  I have sneakily engineered this by leaving my curtains open, as I am used to sleeping in total darkness as soon as the dawn breaks I wake up.  I hate being woken early by an alarm so this is a much easier solution.  My long term plan is to go to bed later and wake up at my normal time, but for now this seems a better option as it means I don't have to stay up later than I feel like doing in the evening.

Day Five

Had my first sleep during a nap today! Only about 20 minutes or so, but I'm counting this as a major achievement.

Day Seven

Well week one is now over, I'm definitely acclimatising to my evening naps which is good.  My plans for next week is to cut down my night-time sleep to 5.5 hours in the hope that this will push me into sleeping for more than about 20 minutes at nap-time.  Even going up Helvellyn today didn't seem to make me want a longer nap - stunning views though!

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