I do, I do, I do!

I have found a new favourite blog, it encompasses travel, campervans and oh so much romance...*massive drum roll*...

It is the story of one couple (and one campervan...of course!) and their journey around the world in search of the perfect wedding venue.

Why not just pick a destination wedding venue from a glossy brochure in the comfort of their English living room...far too unromantic.  Why not pick a favourite destination from their past or future travel list...far too easy.  These two adventurers are actually travelling the world searching for their perfect wedding destination.  And not only are they searching for the perfect wedding destination, they are practicing having the perfect wedding!  30 times! 30 practice weddings to find the perfect place to take all their family and friends back to for the last wedding of all.

What a guy.  What a girl.  What a story.  I'm not sure I have ever encountered a more romantic tale in my life.

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