Biphasia vs. summertime

Sally... having no problem taking her nap!
One month after the conclusion of my biphasic sleeping experiment, I thought everything was going great.  I felt healthy, refreshed and my sleep patterns seemed easy and natural.  Then something went wrong.  And that something was summer.
Suddenly, going to sleep at 10.00 pm became really really difficult because it is so light outside.  Then naps taken any later than 10.00 pm became impossible to get up from.  And finally, I have developed the ability to hit the alarm and go back to sleep without actually waking up at all.
Bad times.

So instead of napping some days, and sleeping 6 hours monophasically other days, I have ended up with a combination of oversleeping as I miss waking up from nap time and intentional 6 hour monophasic nights.  Now I'm not sure whether it is the imbalance of sleep length or whether a 6 hour monophasic pattern is less sustainable longer term than a 6 hour biphasic pattern as I suspected previously, but I do know that I feel exhausted!

Really bad times.

But I am desperate to continue having more hours in my day to play with, so I'm going to try and push through this bad phase back into biphasia.

First thing I'm trying is putting my alarm at the other end of the room next to the light switch so I have to get up and turn on the lights just to silence the alarm! 

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