Going biphasic - Week Two

Day Eight

Today I feel like all the progress I have made in the last week has been undone today.  Dog agility training got rescheduled last minute, meaning I wasn't able to get my evening nap until after 9.00 pm.  I felt as if I had really missed having my nap so would be able to take it at 9.00 pm and then have a couple of hours awake later on.  In reality, that time proved to be simply too late to take the nap as my body got confused between nap-time and actual bed-time and I was unable to get to sleep.  Now I'm feeling super tired and really desperate to go for a lovely 8 hour sleep!

Day Ten

One downside to the biphasic thing, is that some days just don't fit around nap-time.  When I go to my krav maga class I leave at around 5.30 pm, and don't get home until 9.00 pm - which means I can't have my usual nap from 6.00 - 7.00 pm.  So after my setback on Day Eight, I was desperate for a new solution.  Sleeping in my car at work at lunchtime?  Not ideal.  And then it hit me - why do I need to fight my body in order to try this out?

Why do I need to try and break over 20 years of not sleeping in the day?  I think it will take a lot longer than a month to learn how to take proper daytime naps, and this limitation means I won't really have been able to give the biphasic thing a proper trial.

So why not run with what my body wants to do?  Go to sleep around my normal time at 10.00 pm, then awake 90 minutes later and return to bed at around 2.30 am.  This way I am guaranteed to get a proper nap.

I tried it out tonight and it seemed to work really well.  Feeling quite happy with myself and my super-logic!  If I want to, once I am into the schedule I could always slowly move my nap earlier bit by bit, though to be honest I think this might be a more socially acceptable option anyway. 

Day Twelve

Well the 10.00 pm nap thing is going well, I am actually managing to take a real 1 hour nap now.  However... I am jussst starting to question whether this thing is really for me - can I really manage on this little sleep!  I am so tired.  Tonight it was very tempting to roll over and go back to sleep when my alarm went off for the end of nap-time.  But realistically, I have only actually been managing real naps for the last 3 days, whereas I have been undersleeping for almost 2 weeks, so I think I need to give it a little longer before I really consider giving up...   

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