Going biphasic...Week Three

Day Fifteen

Overslept! Argh! Well I say I overslept, in reality I woke up at 11.00 pm, hit the alarm...and fell straight back asleep.  Now I'm not so worried about the fact that I overslept - after all everyone has a lie in every now and then without it messing up their sleep schedule, but I am a little bit worried that I was so tired after 2 weeks of my biphasic schedule that I needed to sleep for 10 hours straight!

I did go for a mountain walk that day though, so I'm going to blame it on that and move swiftly on!

Day Eighteen

I have to say...this biphasic thing has really surprised me.  I am shocked how hard it is!  When I decided to trial this, I seriously considered whether it was worth writing about at all...sleeping 2 hours less a day...how hard can it be!


I am hoping that this current feeling of exhaustion will ease when my body adjusts to entering REM sleep faster, thereby maximising the benefit of my nap.  Currently, getting up after my nap is incredibly difficult and not at all enjoyable.  My productivity late at night is very low and I cannot help but question the value of having 2 more waking hours per day if all I do is spend it wishing I was asleep! 

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