Going biphasic - Week Four

Day Twenty Two

Just as I thought I was getting the whole biphasic thing cracked, I have found another difficult element to taking nap-time in a world which is decidedly against nap-time... it's very unsociable!  This week I am sharing a house with a friend, and I seem to be spending a lot of time feeling either irritated that they are up and about (and making noise) during my nap-time, or guilty that they are exhausted and ready for bed while I insist upon staying up for just one more hour... 

Day Twenty Seven

Well I think it's safe to say the entire plan has now been floored by a kidney infection. 

Sleep is constant, feverish and fitful.  Maybe this is not so much of a setback as it feels like as it is not like I have adopted an alternative sustainable schedule, but in all honesty life itself feels like a setback right now :) Damn these mortal bodies and their abilities to claw back control at a moment's notice! 

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