What I've learnt about love

Apparently it's Valentines Day, and the done thing is to think incessantly about love.  Why fight the inevitable...here is the tip of the vast iceberg of facts (perhaps) that I have learnt about love.

  1. It is possible to cry so much that you give yourself two black eyes.
  2. There are as many lovers, loves and relationship possibilities as there are stars in the sky.  Build a love without limits
  3. The pleasure is worth the pain, although the light and the dark are two sides of the same coin...one cannot be had without the other.  But never love less to protect yourself from heartache, love more to risk it all for the joy. 
  4. Time changes everything.  Don't look for that which is eternal, but seek that which will be continuously renewed.
  5. I will forever know nothing about love. 
"let it be your aim always to love more than the other"

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