The little things

I always always always think of dandelion clocks as the example when I begin to question my obsession with this world and my desire to explore.

Dandelions are weeds, they are tolerated at best.

No-one actually likes dandelions.  No-one would choose them as a gift, or for their wedding flowers.

They are utterly overlooked.

And yet just look at how beautiful their seed clocks are.  Just stop, take a breath, and look.

dandelion (by bonnevillekid)
They are stunning.  They are perfect.  And yet we see them as so insignificant.  This world is incredible, even in every forgotten corner, overlooked spot and unwanted place.  Just imagine how worth seeing the things out there in this big wild world will be.

How can I wait any longer...let's go take a look!

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