My Roaccutane experiences

Ok so I thought I would share this story because when I was making the decision whether to be put onto Roaccutane or not - a little internet research brought up so many awful horror stories that I was almost frightened out of taking it at all.  And Im glad I stuck to my perception that those stories, while true, were probably representative of a tiny minority.  So heres my story...

So my acne wasnt exactly horrendous when I started on Roaccutane. But it was steadily getting worse, I had been on all the antibiotics and prescription creams under the sun for YEARS, and none of them had made any improvement.  I definitely wouldnt have considered taking this drug if I didnt feel like any other less invasive treatment had a chance of working.

I have been on the drug for 3 months now, hopefully after 1 month more I will be finished.  I was told that my skin would continue to improve for 6 months after I finished the course, and that after 1 year there is a chance that the acne could come back.

So what are the downsides....well there are some...

  • I have dry skin and really dry eyes and really really dry lips all the time - but if I didnt have them then it wouldnt be working right!
  • For the first few weeks I got splitting headaches.  I honestly dont know if the drug caused them, and they have cleared up now.
  • My skin damages really easily, and it takes forever to heal.
  • My nose bleeds a tiny bit inside most of the time, its a bit painful and annoying but its not enough that Id class it as a nosebleed.
  • I have to go for blood tests and back to the dermatologist every month - this is not a drug for busy people!
  • You cant drink on these drugs.  This doesnt really bother me that much to be honest - but given this is a drug that directly affects your liver I think it is a rule that really needs to be stuck to.
  • I get coldsores...and I never usually get them.

And the works.  It really works.  I just hope it lasts.






PS - after an 8 mile bike ride which resulted in agonising unbearable "Help-im-going-blind" style eye pain...I would advise you think VERY carefully about even considering taking this drug if you are involved in any kind of sport which involves a lot of wind.

Now Im usually pretty tough about pain...but if I was a pro cyclist...Id be quitting my job right about now! OUCH!

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