Maybe you are the one....take two!

So...I think I have found another possible van.  If this one isnt The One I am seriously going to go insane before much longer.  I found it on Ebay... but I cant seem to add pictures from there...

This van is a left hand drive import which is registered in the UK.  Its got the exact engine Im looking for, super low mileage and looks like its in great condition.  It is a bit over budget but it already has some of the features that I was intending to install myself (like swivel seats) so overall it isnt too much more than I was hoping to pay.

I am willing to go over budget for this van because I have no idea when I will next find a left hand drive in the UK, never mind one that matches my requirements.  Also it is less than £1000 over budget - and who is to say that even if I do find another suitable vehicle any time soon that it would be any less expensive!

So Im getting a vehicle inspection done on it on Friday (the AA dont inspect imports...but the RAC do) so Im pretty excited for that.  I really hope that the inspection finds no major issues - as the costs of all these inspections is really starting to add up!

Im definitely going to go for it if the inspection report looks in a couple of weeks from now (next weekend Im going to Amsterdam so van collection isnt an option) I could have my van!!!! WOW.


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