Lost in translation

I have hit a bit of a brick wall this week with most areas of my life - including my van plans.

So far I have emailed about 5 dealers a carefully crafted email with the intro and end in German, and various technical questions in the clearest English I can manage.  Now this email took me a while - so I am not that impressed that I have had no answers.  At first I was inclined to blame the site itself for not deliveing my emails to the dealer - but given how easy the rest of the mobile.de website is to use I somehow doubt a site with that level of professionalism would have a non-functional email system.

Which brings me to the conclusion that the problem lies either in the content of my email, or the fact that I am emailing instead of calling the garages.  Now I would really rather not have to call up every single dealership - for one it will make for a giant phone bill before you even factor in the issues caused by my lack of linguistic talent.  So for now I have revised my email into a 100% German, short & sweet, can I get some info please type of communication.  I'll send that out for another week or so - and if I still get nothing back I guess I will have to resort to making phone calls.

What seemed like forever to find a van now seems to be closing in on me very fast indeed!


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