To Amsterdam And Back?

I got a letter from the source of evil that is my bank offering a free cruise ticket to Amsterdam if I go and sit through some stuffy stifling meeting with some vapid vampiric salesman trying to squeeze me for every last penny I possess.  This is pretty tempting - as I need to go and have such a meeting anyway.

And even though the free ticket would actually save me very little money - it still feels like a good idea.  I have looked into this cruise company before...been like "oh yeh thats pretty cheap I should do that" and done absolutely nothing about it.  But if I had a free ticket...I'm damned sure I'd go.  I hate that I'm like that - incapable of making myself get out there and do things that I would do without a second thought if I only had a little incentive.

But this is me...and I would like to see Amsterdam!  Think I might go pay a visit to a certain bank tomorrow

I put a load of my holiday photos up...enjoy.  And I found a blog design I like better.  Its still not quite right though.


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