Research Research Research!

I have been doing a LOT of van research recently.  Mainly because I am one of those sad individuals who like to completely overkill in the planning phase for projects.  Also because I actually know any research has to be a good thing right!

So I have been reading, and googling, and thinking, and doing more googling, and MORE googling!  And this is my wish list so far:

For the van - I am looking for a VW T4 diesel for about £2000.  Trouble is I REALLY want a LHD, and they are not exactly easy to find.  Next step is to look into getting one imported.

And inside...

  • Pop-up roof - this is going to cost me about another £2000 which I hate.  But I really think its worth it as I can sleep up there and standing space will make the van a lot more livable in
  • Swivel seats - apparently to fit these to the Transporter you have to detach the handbrake and shorten the handbrake cable.  Boo hiss.  I might just do the passenger side if this proves to be too tricky or too expensive
  • Electrics - power points and lights.  I know nothing (and I mean NOTHING) about I am really dreading this part.
  • Gas cooker.  I think I will probably just try and fit a camping stove rather than a real kitchen type one.  But I havent looked into the feasibility of this yet.
  • Cupboardy type stuff.  I want to get a secret compartment with a safe in made to put valuable stuff in.  Also need storage compartments for water containers and gas cylinder
  • Insulation - apparently you need to insulate the walls and the floor.  I think I will just do some kind of vinyl floor covering once the insulation is down

And what have I decided Im not having...heating, air con (which I will most likely live to regret), a sink & water pump combo ...and some other stuff I cant think of right now.

So whats next?  Well more research for one!  And this weekend I am going to look at a done out T4 camper - to steal ideas on layout and get a feel for what it is like to drive etc.  Im hoping Im going to love it.  I might go and look at a few to get as many ideas as possible.

And keep looking for "The One" - the sooner I can get it safely into my garage the better!  I am psyched to start work (and also terrified)


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