Alarming trickery

In my last biphasic sleeping update, I talked about how hard I was finding keeping up with my biphasic schedule due to the increased daylight hours of summertime.  Well I am pleased to find that a strategy as simple as putting my alarm on the other side of the room has most certainly helped me get back on track.  I think my hold on my new sleep cycle is still somewhat tenuous, but until I start becoming willing to just lie down on the floor and go back to sleep this tactic seems to be working.

Another more welcome side effect I have noticed is that my body seems to have come to expect a 6 hour total sleep when I have a monophasic night.  I rarely sleep for more than 7 hours and usually bounce awake soon after six hours, regardless of what time I actually went to bed.  This is a world away from how my sleep-greedy spoilt brat of a body used to behave, so I am actually quite pleased with this development.

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