Indian Ocean... Tanzania 2007... may there be many more beaches like this :)
Starting from today...it is revision season.  My final exam for my Psychology degree is imminent, this represents the end of a very long 4.5 years.  As a result, I am now running at 100% capacity in my life, and in order for me to pass my exam and retain my sanity, various things have got to give.  One of these, unfortunately, is my blog.  Sob.  I will genuinely miss the catharsis of writing, however I am going to convert to images-only posts until mid-October.  I cannot bring myself to stop posting completely, I am quite proud of what I have built here.  Ironically enough, this announcement comes just days after I recieved my first AdSense check.  A whole £5.29 after nearly 2 years of blogging... good job I'm not trying to make a living from this gig! :)

This is not the only cut I have had to make, the following things are also temporarily being dropped from my schedule:

  • My weekly krav maga class - instead of spending an entire evening attending a class 25 miles away, I will train alone at home.
  • Learning Spanish online - there is simply no room in my brain for any additional learning.
  • All travel and van-based projects - these are all shelved until October.
And in October, when I return to my blog, there will be big changes afoot.  I will be moving over to a real website all of my very own to start my oh-so-grown-up travel blog to document my great adventure.  I appreciate all of you who read this blog and would love it if you had the patience to stay around and wait for this move.  It will happen.  These are not empty internet promises.

I am so close to my freedom I can almost taste it.  All the sacrifices will be worth it.


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