Nemesis Mondays

Some days at work, not the busy days, or the difficult days, but the monotonous days, I wonder why.  Why I ever thought it was worth it to work this long before I left on my travels...

Now I don't doubt that it is helpful, safer, sensible even to have a financial safety net for any kind of travelling.  Money to fix a broken van, or a broken leg, or to buy a flight home.  Obviously not everyone has this safety net, but personally I feel it is worth saving long enough until you have this.

I also don't doubt that it is also preferable to have enough money that you aren't living hand-to-mouth each day.  Money available so that you never go hungry.  Again, not everyone who travels has this, but for me, this is worth saving for.

But beyond that, where is the line?

If I leave work at the end of the year with £50 000 in my bank account, maybe I can make this last for 6 - 8 years depending on how things go.  I will have bought myself 8 easy years for 4 wasted years of working.  Does that sound like a good deal?  I'm not so sure.

In 8 years time, I will be 31 and (I hope) my travels will be far from over.  I will need to find a new way of providing for myself.

Yes those 8 easy years will be nice, they will be brilliant.  But they will end.  And will they be worth the 4 wasted years?  I'm not so sure.

I think I have may have crossed the line.  Perhaps it is something I should have considered sooner.

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