I'm getting laser eye surgery!

On 11 November, I am getting LASIK Wavefront laser eye surgery on my left eye with Optimax in Manchester.  My vision in my right eye is almost normal, so I get by without glasses for most things, exceptions being driving, watching TV or using computers - as forcing myself to focus for long periods of time without glasses gives me headaches.

So if I can basically see, why am I getting laser surgery?

  1. I want to be comfortable driving long distances without getting headaches or sore eyes.
  2. I am terrible at breaking my glasses.  My travels are going to be taking me places where a new pair may not always be easy to get hold of.  But I still need to be able to drive safely.
  3. I am going to see the world.  What is the point of getting out there and not being able to see clearly?
  4. It is cheaper!  My surgery will cost me £1295 and I shouldn't need glasses again until I am in my 40s.  £1295 probably wouldnt cover my glasses and opticians appointments up until that point.
 So I'm going for it.  I'm scared...and excited.  It's nowhere near as much of a big deal for me as it would be for someone who has 2 really short-sighted eyes though.  I cant even imagine what it would be like to wake up and see clearly for the first time.
Review of Optimax to follow post-surgery!


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